Work with me

Hospitality Projects

For several years I have been working in the hospitality industry in Europe and Southeast Asia, which has given me a strong foundation for project related assignments.

Currently I work as a Freelance Consultant, based in Phuket, and always interested in doing projects in the Hospitality Industry. My strengths lie in Marcomm, PR, Social Media and (Sports) Events Management. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my experience in this line of work.

Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer I have been writing mainly for Travel and Expat blogs, these are my favourite topics and I would love to write something for you too. However I’m also available for other publications, topics and styles. If you would be interested to have me write for your website or publication, don’t hesitate to contact me. To see some of my articles, click here.

Guest Post

If you’re interested to guest post on my blog, or if you would like to have me write on yours, I would be happy to discuss this. Drop me an email and we can see how we could work together.


Frei’s Days is ad free. However, I am always open to exploring fun and engaging campaigns that would be a good fit.

Work with me

If you think I could help you in any of the areas described above, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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