The plethora of churches in Mainz

During out trip in Europe last June, we visited Germany. One of the stops there was Mainz; a lovely city on the Rhein River. We especially enjoyed walking around the Altstadt (old centre), where we walked around the marketplace and enjoyed watching people.

The first thing that we noticed was a number of churches this city has. They are found everywhere, and their beautiful architecture {especially with the older churches} kept on pulling me in. There were too many churches to go to, so we decided to have a look at the most popular ones on Tripadvisor. Continue reading

World Most visited Tourist Attractions

Travel+Leisure came out with the World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attraction {for the list and explanation of the tally, check out their website here}. As I have been travelling around for a bit, I wanted to see how far I would get on this list. I did not even reach half {which means I still have some more places to go 😉 } – 15 out of 50 – but I did work in one place, Disneyland Park Paris, so that probably counts double right?

152. World Most visited Tourist Attractions

How many Tourist Attractions have you visited?

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Only in Asia – taking of your shoes inside the house

At the moment you set foot inside Asia you’ll notice something… It’s something we don’t really do back in Holland. I know some families do this back home, however as a child we always thought it was weird when it happened {and I think grown ups too 😉 }. What am I talking about? Taking off your shoes when entering a house, or plenty of other places for that matter…

124. Only in Asia – taking of your shoes inside the house Continue reading

Phuket Picks; Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant

As you all probably know, I have been writing and making photos for Wanderlust: Expat Life & Style Magazine for the past months. This has made me go all around the island and get to know this little place a lot better. For the June/July 2015 issue [], I joined Vanessa for a cooking class at Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant. Vanessa – our foodie – wrote all about the class given by Chef Tiger and I joined the fun to make some nice photos.

As I loved the cooking class so much, I wanted to share my experience with you guys! If you ever head over to Phuket and want to learn a thing or two about Thai cooking, make sure not to miss this amazing place!

01. Building Continue reading