Cultural differences ā€“ what not to wear to a temple

Iā€™m actually not sure whether this falls under cultural differences or just under common understanding. In any way, the Thai news was filled lately with people dressing inappropriately while visiting a temple. The last one dated back to August, when a tourist visited a temple here in Phuket in a see-through dress. She most probably just walked off the beach and thought she would be able to go to the into the temple dressed like she did. However, after photos appeared on Social media, she was invited to the police station to get a lesson on Thai culture, and she had to apologise for her actions.


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Travel Tuesday; the Wonderful Wats of Siem Reap

01. Angkor Wat

As each year, Tripadvisor makes lists on several kind of topics such as the best beaches, hotels and world heritage sites. These lists are determined by the ratings of the travellers that make use of their website. Amongst these lists there is also the ‘Top 25 Landmarks of the World’. If you have yet to see the list, take a look at their list here.

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