Tourist in my home country – Holland

It’s always nice to go back home and see friends and family. It also is hectic as we travel around the entire country. With Holland being so small, I can’t really complain, but still, it can be pretty exhausting. It is always a surprise who you will see once you’re back home. And sometimes you even have people visiting you, who you met overseas. It’s during this times you can really become a tourist in your own country. This does not often happen, but this time, it did.


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Just wondering

Last week I came back from my 2 weeks back home in Holland. And when I was back, something happened that I have been experiencing ever since I left Europe. What is it? You will probably ask yourself. No it’s not that I am home sick or anything like that. It’s just that I come across people that I have met before (I am putting it in this way, as they are not friends but more an acquaintance), they fondly greet me and tell me that I got fat…

Really… What does this mean? I mean you’re not just telling someone they got fat because it’s a nice thing to say, right? Or is that pretty normal that you say that to each other. And I have to say that I only gained 1kg; so that means last week I was fat as well… It’s not just an Asia thing. I have experienced it in Antigua W.I. as well.

In Holland we would never tell someone that they are fat, or that they gained weight. Even though we are known for are straight forward and directness. So please can someone explain this phenomenon to me?

As said… Just wondering 😉

World Cup 2014

It’s the World Cup season at the moment. In Holland we just finished the World Cup Hockey – the ladies did incredibly well as always and became 1st, and the men did great until the finals which they lost miserably from Australia… Still it was amazing to see this big sport event back in Holland. I have to say I am really proud about the way it was set up in The Hague – where I lived for almost 6yrs. See this clip showing The Hague as a hockey city:

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Expat life; what we take for granted at home

The other day I read an article about 7 things you realize you’ve taken for granted when you come home after traveling on And I was totally inspired by the text; as it’s so true that traveling changes your life and the way you look at things back home. Whether it’s for a short holiday or living abroad, the things you experience, see and do will influence you.

Being Dutch has given me the opportunity to travel from a very young age. Our country is so small that when we would have a holiday we would go to France, Italy, Spain or any other country where the weather would be better. My parents would put us in the car and we would drive south. From that time we were exposed to new languages and other cultures, and we saw may differences – such as different eating times and styles.

Holiday with family

Holiday – in the back of our caravan with my brothers

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The expat life; Flying home for the summer holidays

Yes – it’s that time of the year again; it’s summer. And here in Thailand, with summer comes rain {and loads of it!}, but also the time of year that many people leave the island to go back to their home countries. Meet up with their family and friends, or just spend their holidays elsewhere to be away from the rain. So the coming months will be very quiet in Phuket. Hopefully there will still be enough people to go for a game of tennis and a cup of coffee. We’ll see what happens.

Keep Calm and Fly Home


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Happy work anniversary King Willem-Alexander!

Exactly one year ago today Willem-Alexander became King of Kingdom of The Netherlands. Last year millions of Dutch people dressed in orange to celebrate the once-in-a-generation milestone for the House of Orange-Nassau. Our (now previous) Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne after a 33-year reign, in favor of her eldest son Willem-Alexander. At the age of 46 he would be the youngest monarch in Europe and the first king in the Netherland in 123 years. And with 3 beautiful daughters, he will automatically followed by a Queen. Apparently the orange family is a family of Ladies who run the world! …uhm Country!

Royal Dutch Family

Royal Dutch Family

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Jam-packed trip back home…

Last week I travelled back home to Holland for a surprise visit. Ruben will only be coming for a couple of days, so I was travelling alone. How I hate to travel on my own; especially with bad weather conditions and a layover of a couple of hours. It can be so boring, and for one reason or another people always start chatting with me on long long conversations {which I never know how to finish in a nice way, but still letting them know I really want to continue sleeping}.

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