Tourist in my home country – Holland

It’s always nice to go back home and see friends and family. It also is hectic as we travel around the entire country. With Holland being so small, I can’t really complain, but still, it can be pretty exhausting. It is always a surprise who you will see once you’re back home. And sometimes you even have people visiting you, who you met overseas. It’s during this times you can really become a tourist in your own country. This does not often happen, but this time, it did.


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Typical Dutch food I miss…

Living overseas is one big adventure, but often I miss my Dutch food. Not that Holland has a very special cuisine – breakfast and lunch is usually a sandwich with a toping of meat or cheese, and dinner exist of meat, potatoes and veggies (often mashed together). Even so, I really do miss my Dutch food, as I have grown up with them. My mom often sends me a care package, which I love, and we always have a long list for visitors to bring along.

Some of the food I truly miss:

01_CalvePindakaasCalvé Pindakaas

This peanut butter spread from Calvé is to die for. It does not have small pieces inside, and compared to many of the American brands it’s not sweet but more salty. You can make a lovely sauce of it to accompany your chicken saté, but I prefer to put it on my sandwich.

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