Cultural differences – what not to wear to a temple

I’m actually not sure whether this falls under cultural differences or just under common understanding. In any way, the Thai news was filled lately with people dressing inappropriately while visiting a temple. The last one dated back to August, when a tourist visited a temple here in Phuket in a see-through dress. She most probably just walked off the beach and thought she would be able to go to the into the temple dressed like she did. However, after photos appeared on Social media, she was invited to the police station to get a lesson on Thai culture, and she had to apologise for her actions.


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Expat life; what we take for granted at home

The other day I read an article about 7 things you realize you’ve taken for granted when you come home after traveling on And I was totally inspired by the text; as it’s so true that traveling changes your life and the way you look at things back home. Whether it’s for a short holiday or living abroad, the things you experience, see and do will influence you.

Being Dutch has given me the opportunity to travel from a very young age. Our country is so small that when we would have a holiday we would go to France, Italy, Spain or any other country where the weather would be better. My parents would put us in the car and we would drive south. From that time we were exposed to new languages and other cultures, and we saw may differences – such as different eating times and styles.

Holiday with family

Holiday – in the back of our caravan with my brothers

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Cultural Differences – aren’t they the best?

The other day I read an article on Phuket 101 ( about 14 weird and funny things in Phuket (and Thailand). It’s an old article from 2011, but still so relevant.

When I was studying at the Hotelschool The Hague, one of the most important things we’ve learned before we were going on our internships, was cultural differences, it was an actual class we had to follow. And this was not only when you would travel far. Even with my first internship in France, I had to make a report about the differences between the two countries, before I even left the country. At first I thought it was ridiculous, until I was there for a couple of days, and I started to notice it was all true…

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