Travel Tuesday; travel etiquettes


A little while back it was the first time I ever heard of the knee defender. Have you heard of it already? If not, a quick explanation: the knee defender is a devise that blocks airplane seats from reclining. It is being promoted as a tool to defend yourself against reclining airplane seats.

knee defender

As said, I had never heard of this devise probably due to the fact that I am not so tall to need something like this, but in August I read that an United Flight diverted after a passenger used the banned seat recline jammer {a.k.a. the Knee Defender} which resulted into a scuffle. I was amazed, by both the seat recliner and that an airplane had to divert its flight as a fight started {apparently the lady who was sitting in front of the guy with the knee defender threw a glass of water over the guy behind her, after he did not want to remove the device from her chair…}.

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Travel Tuesday; Sapa

Situated in the North of Vietnam, about 350km from Hanoi, close to the border of China, Sapa lies at the altitude of 1600m. The Hoang Lien Son mountains dominate the region, which is at the eastern most point of the himalayas. This area contains Vietnam’s highest mountain, the Fansipan Mountain which is located at 3,142m above sea level.

Sapa was discovered by the French in the 1920’s, when they arrived in Tonkin and made Sapa as a hill station. The city became an important location for the French military as well as missionaries. However it was only in 1993 that Sapa became accessible to many, as this was the year its doors were opened to tourists.
Now Sapa is famous for its breathtaking landscape. The town is orientated to make the most of the spectacular views, which can be seen on a clear day. The city watches over a plunging valley of many rice terraces, surrounded by mountains. Besides that, Sapa is famous for its population which consist mostly of minority groups.

Sapa is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever visited – for both in as outside of Vietnam – with its beautiful nature, fresh air, wonderful rice fields and amazing hiking trails. Definitely a place worth visiting while in Vietnam.

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Travel Tuesday; Packing tips 

photo 1Since I can remember I have always been struggling with packing my suitcase. Years ago I used to make lists of what to bring, following the list exactly. With or without a list, every time I am struggling with finding space in my suitcase as I am always bringing way too much stuff with me – I think that I don’t use 40% of the items I am bringing along.

In September we will be flying to Spain for our wedding. This means that beside the normal holiday stuff, we will also need to bring wedding related stuff – such as clothing, thank you gifts, deco and more. And as we’re flying with Turkish Airlines we’re only allowed to bring along 20kg, so it’s going to be tough.

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Travel Tuesday; What to do in Singapore? 

Singapore is obviously known for it’s shopping and food paradise, but there is more to do in this small country then just that. At first the city looks to be made out of sky scrapers and companies, however when you look a little bit further you see some lovely areas around town which make you realise that you are most definitely in an Asian city. Besides that, the city has been working hard for the past several years to create some new attractions, such as the Singapore Flyer, Universal Studio Singapore at Sentosa Island and many more.

Merlion in Singapore

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The expat life; Flying home for the summer holidays

Yes – it’s that time of the year again; it’s summer. And here in Thailand, with summer comes rain {and loads of it!}, but also the time of year that many people leave the island to go back to their home countries. Meet up with their family and friends, or just spend their holidays elsewhere to be away from the rain. So the coming months will be very quiet in Phuket. Hopefully there will still be enough people to go for a game of tennis and a cup of coffee. We’ll see what happens.

Keep Calm and Fly Home


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