Cultural differences – what not to wear to a temple

I’m actually not sure whether this falls under cultural differences or just under common understanding. In any way, the Thai news was filled lately with people dressing inappropriately while visiting a temple. The last one dated back to August, when a tourist visited a temple here in Phuket in a see-through dress. She most probably just walked off the beach and thought she would be able to go to the into the temple dressed like she did. However, after photos appeared on Social media, she was invited to the police station to get a lesson on Thai culture, and she had to apologise for her actions.


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World Most visited Tourist Attractions

Travel+Leisure came out with the World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attraction {for the list and explanation of the tally, check out their website here}. As I have been travelling around for a bit, I wanted to see how far I would get on this list. I did not even reach half {which means I still have some more places to go 😉 } – 15 out of 50 – but I did work in one place, Disneyland Park Paris, so that probably counts double right?

152. World Most visited Tourist Attractions

How many Tourist Attractions have you visited?

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Travel Tuesday – Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai

It was the second time that I visited Chiang Mai, but as previous time I wanted to make sure that I would be there on a Sunday. Why would you ask? Well because it’s the mother of all markets! Here you can find anything and everything. In the afternoon Ratchadamnoen Road is closed off to cars and sellers start to set up their stalls. You’ll find stall after stall selling anything from handmade crafts, paintings to clothes. A great place to browse, or sit down watch people and enjoy a foot massage right there on the street. Continue reading

Travel Tuesday – Düsseldorf here we come

We’ll be back home in Holland for two weeks. While I love enjoying travelling back home, it’s always super exhausting to travel back and forth between meeting everyone again. So to make sure we don’t need a holiday from our holiday once we return back home, we decided to head out to Düsseldorf for a couple of days.

96. Dusseldorf

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Transportation on Phuket Island

In a new place, I love to discover the area. Whether this is on holiday or when we move to a new location. Sometimes it’s easy {Singapore was amazing with their public transport}, and sometimes it’s just plain difficult {I was unable to get around in Shanghai without a card in Chinese stating where I wanted to go to}. On first sight, Phuket seems to be an easy way to get around… The island has plenty of ways to get around, from motorbike to

The island has plenty of ways to get around, from motorbike to car, and tuk-tuk to bus. It seems so easy to just put up your hand and get around. Doesn’t it? Well I have come to the conclusion this is not really the way, and if it is, it’s probably too good to be true. Also, it can be pretty scary to drive around this part of the world – people drive fast, roads have hairpins and there are loads of potholes in them too. So be prepared when you get around here.

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Phuket Picks; Tunk Ka Restaurant on Rang Hill

Last month one of our friends from Singapore came over to Phuket. She wanted to take us out for dinner as she was unable to join us for our wedding celebration in Spain. I was already looking for nice places to go to for dinner, until she said she had found the perfect place… A place we did not even visit yet – so I got very excited. Reservations were made and so on a lovely Sunday evening we headed out to Rang Hill.


Tunk Ka Restaurant {or Tunk Ka Cafe} on Rang Hill.


Tunk Ka is a well known restaurant, located on top of Rang Hill. Before this dinner, we had gone to Rang Hill ones, but as there were a lot of renovations going on, we did not really stay there for a long time. So we did not have the chance to visit Tunk Ka before. Continue reading

Phuket Picks; La Sirena at Point Yamu by Como

For the past couple of weeks, I have been having lunch with one of my friends here in Phuket. We try to eat at different places every week, and we alternate who picks the restaurant. A little while back we headed out to Point Yamu by COMO to eat at La Sirene and it was wonderful!


La Sirena at Point Yamu by Como

01. La Sirena_signage

Point Yamu by Como is a new luxury resort in Phuket, located at the tip of Point Yamu overlooking the Andaman Sea. With good weather you’ll be able to see the amazing limestones of Phang Nga Bay in the distance. The hotel is still in it’s soft opening until September 2014, and you can see this while entering the property. There is no real disturbance however when you’re in the restaurant itself.

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