Tourist in my home country – Holland

It’s always nice to go back home and see friends and family. It also is hectic as we travel around the entire country. With Holland being so small, I can’t really complain, but still, it can be pretty exhausting. It is always a surprise who you will see once you’re back home. And sometimes you even have people visiting you, who you met overseas. It’s during this times you can really become a tourist in your own country. This does not often happen, but this time, it did.


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Reoccurring expat comments – “Your life is one long holiday!”


As an expat, you come across comments that are made in a friendly manner all the time, but some of them stick and get pretty annoying. One of them is the statement that you’re on a holiday 24/7. We seem to be getting this comment all the time, but only since I moved to Phuket I am getting quite annoyed with it. Continue reading

Lovely links – week 14

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Mine is pretty busy with a trip to the gym and the hairdressers, some grocery shopping and of course enjoying the weather here in Phuket. It’s hot and steamy, but no rain in sight, so we’ll see how long that’s going to last. Better enjoy it while I can! Meanwhile, I wanted to share some fun links with you!

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Laguna’s Turtle Release 2016

01. Turtle Release - intro

Since 1994, Laguna Phuket has supported the sea conservation programs in Phuket. They do that by raising funds and awareness in support of the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC). One way they do this is by having people join the turtle release program. For me this was the second time to release a turtle with Laguna (last year I released a turtle with my mom and Vanessa), but this year it was a little different. Not just because Ruben joined me, but because the entire set up was different to the one in 2015.  Continue reading