Not such a happy Thai Mother’s Day

Last week I wanted to write about Mother’s Day in Thailand – I had a whole post ready. It’s a nice day, as it’s actually the Queen’s Birthday, which is made into a celebration for all mothers in the country {the same is done on the King’s Birthday}. It’s a national holiday, for which everyone gets a day off. There are special ceremonies around the country in which Mom’s are celebrated and given flowers by their kids.

However this year it was a bit different. The day before mother’s day, several bombs went off in Hua Hin – placed around the resort town. 2 people were killed and 20 people were injured, tourists and locals alike. The bombs were big news around Thailand, however, as it was all the way in Hua Hin, I didn’t think there was an immediate threat. In the course of the three years we’ve been living here there had been plenty of bombs going off around Thailand, but it never affected us.

153. Not such a happy Thai Mother’s Day

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Phuket Picks – Trick Eye Museum

It is the rainy season in Phuket, so it’s not possible to go to the beach, with all the rain, undercurrents and the Portuguese Man o’ War in the water. So what better way to enjoy Phuket then to go around the island and visit a museum like the Trick Eye Museum? We had a fun afternoon there the other day.

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Rainy Season in Phuket

It was only last month that I wrote about the weather in Phuket. It was so incredibly hot here, that I hardly left the home. And if I did had to leave, I made sure I was quickly getting into my air-conditioned car, driving to an air-conditioned location. This went on until mid-May, and I really was waiting for the rain to start falling down.

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Phuket Picks – Phuket Botanic Garden

The other day we drove around Phuket looking for something to do and our eye fell on the sign of Phuket Garden. We decided to give it a try even though we are in the dry season now, and knew there would be a big chance that most of the flowers would not be blooming.

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Laguna’s Turtle Release 2016

01. Turtle Release - intro

Since 1994, Laguna Phuket has supported the sea conservation programs in Phuket. They do that by raising funds and awareness in support of the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC). One way they do this is by having people join the turtle release program. For me this was the second time to release a turtle with Laguna (last year I released a turtle with my mom and Vanessa), but this year it was a little different. Not just because Ruben joined me, but because the entire set up was different to the one in 2015.  Continue reading

Phuket Picks – Phuket Aquarium

We’ve been exploring the island lately and trying out some different attractions, such as the Phuket Aquarium. The Phuket Aquarium is a government –run attraction in Cape Panwa, South of Phuket. It was opened in 1983 as part of the Phuket Marine Biological Center.

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Phuket Picks; Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant

As you all probably know, I have been writing and making photos for Wanderlust: Expat Life & Style Magazine for the past months. This has made me go all around the island and get to know this little place a lot better. For the June/July 2015 issue [], I joined Vanessa for a cooking class at Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant. Vanessa – our foodie – wrote all about the class given by Chef Tiger and I joined the fun to make some nice photos.

As I loved the cooking class so much, I wanted to share my experience with you guys! If you ever head over to Phuket and want to learn a thing or two about Thai cooking, make sure not to miss this amazing place!

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