Travel Tuesdays

Having lived in South-East Asia for the past years, we have seen many different countries. Below is a list with my travel tips per country, region or just general travel tips, I hope this will give make life a little easier to find what I am writing about.



We have been living in Thailand since September 2013, and until now I have been able to travel around some great areas of the land of smiles. Take a look at my tips and tricks for each location I have been to.



Having lived in Vietnam for almost four years, we have been able to see a lot of the country. However there are still many reasons to come back and explore more of this amazing country. Click the on the links below and find tips and tricks for this country.



Singapore was the first country I went to live as a real expat {before that I only lived abroad for internships}, and so has a special place in my heart. Whenever we have the time to go back, we will! Keeping track of new places to go and see. Go and see what we’ve been up to in Singapore.

South East Asia:

Living in South East Asia gives me the opportunity to travel around and explore some interesting countries:

Travel Tips:


Travelling is always stressful in my book, even after so many trips and so much practise. See how I keep sane in the ever changing world of travelling.

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