How to keep your luggage from being damaged while flying


A little while back I saved an article on Facebook (well not just one, I have plenty in the cue of being read, to be honest) from Condé Nast Traveler named ‘7 Packing Tips from an Airport Baggage Handler’. I was curious to know what they recommend as, on our last trip from Holland back to Phuket, some items were taken from our suitcase. They weren’t really expensive items, but it was just annoying, as we especially bought them in Holland to bring back home.

Last week I finally had the time to read this article – and I kind of got disappointed, as it wasn’t really about packing as much as it was about what kind of suitcase you should have. It did have a couple of good tips, such as having four wheels instead of two, as they will throw more with the two-wheel suitcases than with the four-wheeled ones. Or to pack it full so that it survives better as the suitcases are stacked on top of each other. But you can all read about it in the article.

Unfortunately no answer yet to the question of how to stop them from taking items out of my suitcase tho… Hopefully one day I find the solution…

xxx Frei

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