Not such a happy Thai Mother’s Day

Last week I wanted to write about Mother’s Day in Thailand – I had a whole post ready. It’s a nice day, as it’s actually the Queen’s Birthday, which is made into a celebration for all mothers in the country {the same is done on the King’s Birthday}. It’s a national holiday, for which everyone gets a day off. There are special ceremonies around the country in which Mom’s are celebrated and given flowers by their kids.

However this year it was a bit different. The day before mother’s day, several bombs went off in Hua Hin – placed around the resort town. 2 people were killed and 20 people were injured, tourists and locals alike. The bombs were big news around Thailand, however, as it was all the way in Hua Hin, I didn’t think there was an immediate threat. In the course of the three years we’ve been living here there had been plenty of bombs going off around Thailand, but it never affected us.

153. Not such a happy Thai Mother’s Day

The next morning the news spread that more bombs were set off across the country. With places as Trang, Hua Hin and Surat Thani. Still very far away from Phuket. Until it was 10AM and news came in that Phuket was hit as well.

All of a sudden something changed. This was no longer something far away; it was just in the village next to ours – a short 15min drive. Two bombs were set off in Patong – one at a police box, another at Patong beach where a mother’s day ceremony was held. Luckily only one person got hurt, but plenty of innocent people were attacked. In the course of 24 hours 5 different locations where hit – with 4 people dying. All innocent people that got attacked and injured…

It’s a strange thing that happens and it all goes pretty fast.Roadblocks were set up to prevent other bombing incidents from happening. Police asked people to stay indoors and not go to any crowded places. So that’s what we did, we stayed indoors. Not noticing a lot that’s going on, except for increased security checking cars coming in and out. Apparently, Patong and Hua Hin city were empty during the day and the evening, which is something that hardly ever happens.

More bombs were found yesterday in Phuket and Hua Hin that didn’t go off on the day itself. The days following the incidents the Thai Royal Police still doesn’t know who initiated the bombings.
What we do know is that two types of bombs were used – fire bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) – with similar patterns throughout the country. Stories go that it might be Thai insurgencies that are not happy with the outcome of the referendum held recently. However until now no motive has been established, nobody claimed the bombings and no arrests have been made.

For now, the security has been tightened around the country, especially at tourist destinations {even though I have to say I have not noticed anything about this on the streets of Phuket} and the advice is to avoid crowded places. So that’s what I am doing for the time being. Hopefully, it stays with these 24hrs of bombings, but you never know what will happen…

xxx Frei



Update: Deep South Connection has been made formal: DNA from Phuket bomb leads to warrant for Deep South insurgent 

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