Tourist in my home country – Holland

It’s always nice to go back home and see friends and family. It also is hectic as we travel around the entire country. With Holland being so small, I can’t really complain, but still, it can be pretty exhausting. It is always a surprise who you will see once you’re back home. And sometimes you even have people visiting you, who you met overseas. It’s during this times you can really become a tourist in your own country. This does not often happen, but this time, it did.



I have an Australian friend Hayley, whom I met in Phuket, but who now lives with her lovely Austrian husband in Austria {that’s why I call her the Austrialian}. Besides being my postcard buddy, Hayley is also my birthday buddy, so we have an extra special connection. Once I let her know I was coming to Holland, she and her husband booked a trip to Amsterdam immediately. I was so excited to see her again after such a long time!

We started the day with breakfast at Gs in the Lineausstraat in Amsterdam Oost. They have several locations, but this one seemed to be the best spot to meet up, with a great breakfast spread on the menu. Definitely, give this place a try when you visit next.



After that, we took a trip along the canals with Reederij P. Kooij – one of the oldest shipping companies in Amsterdam {with a history dating back to the 1920’s}, organizing regular canal tours. Every half hour you can join one of their tours for €10,50. So the next hour we were taken around Amsterdam, getting loads of fun and interesting information from our tour guide. For instance – did you know that the houses in Amsterdam are so small because they used to pay taxes based on the width of a house? You see, I never would’ve known that if I hadn’t been a tourist in my own country! Thanks, H!






Once we got off the boat, we wandered around the city, walking through small alleys in the 9 straatjes, enjoying some delicious herring (sorry you didn’t like it H, but it’s something you must try when in Holland 😉 ), looking at flowers at the flower market, enjoying the beautiful buildings around Dam Square, and we even had a dim sum lunch at Oriental City on the Oudezijdse Voorburgwal {in my opinion, one of the best dim sum places in town!}.

Amsterdam_06_Palace on the dam

Amsterdam_07_Dam Square


And before we knew it, it was time for me to head back home. Thanks H for coming all the way from Austria to see me, and for making me a tourist in my home country again. It was so great seeing you!

xxx Frei

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