Postcards in Thailand

What?! Didn’t I tell you yet? I love to send and receive postcards! Really I do! I love to send cards for fun, or for a special occasion like birthdays, weddings and more. I might even like sending cards better than receiving them, as long as I can find a good card that is.

146. Sending out Postcards

I’ve been pretty lucky with the card selections I found in Singapore and Vietnam. In Singapore, I could find them in the major department stores. They were usually expensive, but they had fun and quirky designs. In Ho Chi Minh City I was able to find fun cards on the streets or purchased them on weekend markets. Here in Phuket, however, it’s a whole different ball game. Even the postcards are all the same. And this time, it’s same same, not different.

My solution for sending cards to Europe was making use of Greetz or Kaartwereld. Here you can select a card online, have your text written on it and they will mail it out for you; super easy and loads of different designs. Even though it’s a solution for sending out cards, it didn’t quite bring me the satisfaction of sending out the cards myself. A handwritten card is always nicer, then one that is made by a computer {or is that just me talking here?}.

You can probably imagine how excited I was when one of my friends started Littleprintbox online. Here you can order instant downloads for wall art, kids posters, and greeting cards. Owh how did I love this amazing idea? So easy and so many designs to choose from. However there was one big problem, I do not have a printer. Luckily for me, Littleprintbox now also started with printed cards with lovely coloured envelopes! And I was so lucky to get some right away!

If you live in Thailand, this is definitely a great place to order your cards if you want something else then the same old same old. And if you live overseas, just order the instant downloads {if you have a printer that is 😉 }. Great quality and awesome selection!

xxx Frei

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