Lovely Links – the travel gadgets edition

This year June will be the month of travel for me, and so I am always looking for great travel gadgets for both when being on the road, as well as ideas to use for when I am at my holiday destination.

143. Lovely Links – the travel gadgets edition

While browsing for some great tips and tricks I came across these two links:

  1. Summer’s Must-Have Travel Gadgets:
    How I love travel gadgets – especially if you can use them during your normal day too. Such as the Chipolo’s – a Bluetooth chip locater that you can attaché to your handbag, laptop or luggage {also great for when you always seem to be missing your keys like me…} or the ProShot waterproof case for the iPhone. There are many more items on this list I would love to have!
  1. 10 Travel Gear Fails: They’re so bad they’re genius:
    Most of these travel gears I actually love. But I have to say you won’t see me with the TV Hat or the Ostrich Pillow {I’m sure I would suffocate in this thing!}. But I wouldn’t mind having a Musical Sleep mask – great for long haul flights where your ear buds or headphone will start to hurt.

Which of the gadgets would you like to try out?

xxx Frei

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