Thai island to close over tourism damage

142. Koh-Tachai-Thailand

I think I have highlighted before on my blog, but some places are just so crowded with visitors that it’s just not fun anymore to go there. Not only because it’s so crowded, but also because you are unable to enjoy the beauty of the location. For that reason, I was so happy that a while back I read this article that Italy would impose limits on visitors to Cinque Terre. This in order to preserve the local culture.

And now Thailand is in on it too. The Similan Islands are always heavily visited in high season, because of the beauty of the area and the many amazing diving spots. In low season almost all the islands here – which are part of the Similan National Park – will be closed for monsoon season. However, Koh Tachai will be closed indefinitely.

‘Why?’ you might ask. Well, the island has been overwhelmed with visitors. According to local media, experts say that a beach on Koh Tachai could hold about 70 people, but sometimes the number of tourists was well over 1,000 at a time. This along with food stalls and tour boats it ruined the island. The government has now decided to close the island to allow the rehabilitation of the environment both of the island and in the sea before it’s damaged beyond repair. In this way, it can’t be disturbed by tourism activities and has a good chance to get back to its old beauty!

Well done Thailand! Happy to see you’re taking care of your islands.

xxx Frei

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