It’s pretty damn hot here in Thailand…

April is known to be a hot month in this region. You don’t have to do that much to work up a sweat, just walking outside will do that for you. I’m used to it really, but this year the weather outside is crazy. While I saw it started to snow again in Holland, I have the feeling that anything outside here in Phuket will just start to melt.

140. Heatwave Thailand

First, I thought I was exaggerating, but when I saw the husband coming in the house drenched from just walking outside for a couple of minutes, I knew it wasn’t just me. And slowly my Facebook wall started to be filled with updates on the hot weather. The Phuket News showed that you could boil an egg outside in the sun (granted it took a couple of hours before it happened)! Thailand is used to hot Aprils, but not this hot. And so this article on Coconuts Bangkok did not come as a surprise.

We’re experiencing the longest heat wave in Thailand in at least 65 years with average temperatures above 40 degrees Celcius! Authorities have advised people to stay indoors as much as possible and to limit activities outdoors. If you do have to go out, it’s suggested to wear sunglasses, hats with a large brim and make sure to drink enough water. And unfortunately, it’s not the end of the heat wave either.

It’s the first time ever I am waiting for the rain to start and bring some much-needed coolness with it. I really hope it will be here soon! In the meantime, let me get back to my fridge and stick my head into it to stay cool!

xxx Frei


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