Reoccurring expat comments – “Your life is one long holiday!”


As an expat, you come across comments that are made in a friendly manner all the time, but some of them stick and get pretty annoying. One of them is the statement that you’re on a holiday 24/7. We seem to be getting this comment all the time, but only since I moved to Phuket I am getting quite annoyed with it.

And sure I can imagine that our life looks like one big long holiday. I often post photos of the beach or the sunny skies that we’re having, or even that downpour of rain is something exciting to post online. However, that’s just a fraction of the time spend here. It’s not easy to pack your bags and move every so many months. You need to settle down, find your way around and make sure bills are being paid. Even though our photos show you elephants walking on the side of the street, this doesn’t mean we’re not working a 9-5 job {or in hospitality a 9-9 job…}.

Since moving to Phuket I find it a little bit more difficult to not get offended by the “Your life is one long holiday” and that’s on me. I’m working freelance from home and that is different than a conventional job sitting in the office and having a job title you can easily explain to others. I feel as if I should be doing more, and hearing such comments only highlights this. However, I know I am doing the best I can and working on it.

My day is filled with routine things, like grocery shopping, working behind a computer in the aircon, and cooking dinner. The routine stuff is just not interesting enough to post online – I am sure you don’t post pictures of another day in the office, as why would you? I am not any different. So even though my photos are a bit more exotic than yours, it’s same same, but different {as we often say on this side of the world}. Until our next vacation starts again, of course!

xxx Frei

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