Lovely links – week 14

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Mine is pretty busy with a trip to the gym and the hairdressers, some grocery shopping and of course enjoying the weather here in Phuket. It’s hot and steamy, but no rain in sight, so we’ll see how long that’s going to last. Better enjoy it while I can! Meanwhile, I wanted to share some fun links with you!

136. LovelyLinks

  1. Flyover Country:
    Always wondering what you’re flying over when you’re in an airplane? Yes I know, with the flight screen of the airplane you know you’re flying over which country, and if you look good enough you know whether there are mountains there or not. But with this app your flight experience will totally change. You will know exactly where you are at every moment of your trip. What is, even more, fun is that if you plot in your flight before you take off, the app will use cached articles, maps, and data to pinpoint details about your unique route. This means you don’t need to buy those horribly expensive in-flight data! Check it out in the App Store or Google Play!
  2. Islands around Phuket:
    Did I tell you my friends were visiting? I am sure I did already, as I am so excited about the girls trip we’re going to have. While checking out all the options of where we could go to I stumbled over this article with the best 7 islands around Phuket. From the famous Phi Phi to the less famous Koh Khai Island. Great inspiration for your next trip to Phuket!
  3. Tipsy Portrait Project:
    Yes, you read that right! Brazilian photographer went out on a ‘Wine Project’ – it’s hard I know, but somebody has to do it. He gave his subjects a drink and photographed them between drinks. 53 people go from sober to tipsy (and some outright drunk) in only 4 photos. The results are awesome!
  4. Insta twin babies:
    Ever since one of my friends has told me she’s expecting twins, I keep seeing posts about twins. Whether it’s the cute baby boys that think they are still in the womb while they are being washed, or how difficult it can be to handle two tiny humans at the same time, it’s just weird. But I couldn’t keep these two cuties from you. Just look at them! Am I the only one who wants to squeeze their adorable cheeks?! And those outfits! Argh!

Have you seen any fun links you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!

xxx Frei

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