Chakri Day – 6 April 2016

135. Chakri Day

April is a busy month for the Thai with many days off. Today is such a day – Chakri Day. The day that the Thai celebrate the founding of the Thai Dynasty – the House of Chakri in 1782. The current King – King Bhumibol Aulyadej – is the 9th king of the Chakri Dynasty, and is also known as the longest reigning King in the world.

The Thai Kings are very respected by the people, and past kings are definitely not an exception. So on this day, everyone has a day off. When walking around the country you’ll notice the Thai national flag prominently being displayed. There are a lot of traditional ceremonies during this day, and people are making offerings of flowers and garlands that are places at the many statues of King’s in the House of Chakri.

Hope you’ll be able to enjoy a Happy Chakri Day!

xxx Frei

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