Reoccurring Expat Questions – “Where will you move to next?”

133. Reoccurring Expat Questions –

For the past 9 years, we’ve been living in three countries in Southeast Asia. Each had their ups and their downs. I loved Singapore for the routine, which was also why it started to get boring after living there a while. After the routine, the craziness was what made Ho Chi Minh City interesting, but the air pollution was not all that great for my lungs. And even though the air is super clean here in Phuket {except for when we get the Indonesian haze…}, I definitely miss the busyness of a big city. As said there is always something to complain about. But it has been a fun ride so far.

As an expat there are loads of reoccurring questions that can be hard to answer, such as “Where are you moving to next?”. I don’t even know how long we’re staying in one place, let alone what the next destination will be. We usually have kind of a time frame for how long we will be at one place, but this has never worked as we thought. It has always been longer than expected. Which is all good, but what the next destination is, just depends on what opens up and whether we fit the criteria {saying we, but obviously it’s the husband…}. We do have some kind of say in where we go to {I definitely have some places I would veto}. And I am hoping that in a couple of years time we can go to Europe, live closer to our family and friends. And having four seasons again. But that’s all far away for now…

One of the challenges of living the expat life is that you don’t know what’s around the corner. It’s fun and interesting, but it can be freaking scary as well {job offers usually mean we’ll be leaving with a month time – or shorter, as what happened when we moved to Ho Chi Minh City}. It’s a way of life, and for now, it’s suiting us. But I’ll never be able to answer the question “Where will you move next?” Unless the contract is signed and our apartment is packed up for the next destination…

xxx Frei

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