Instagram’s new algorithm


I don’t know about you, but it seems people are getting crazy about the new algorithm that’s going to happen on Instagram in the coming weeks. I see all these people freaking out that they will miss out on posts and so now they are trying to get you to switch on notifications for every post that they make.

This to me is insane! I mean I already get enough notifications on my phone as it is – and I try to switch off as many of them as possible as they totally stress me out! – without having a notification of every person I follow on Instagram every. single. time. they post a new photo. For some accounts that means that you get multiple notifications a day, this coupled with the fact that I follow over 500 people on Instagram, just think about how many additional notifications I get per day! It stresses me out just thinking about all the notifications I would be getting!

To start off with this change, let’s first see what’s really happening. Instagram is going to change its algorithm to highlight posts that it thinks the user wants to see more than others, rather than showing pictures in chronological order. Reason being that there are so many accounts now, and there is a big chance you’re missing out on the posts of the people you like the most. Something that Facebook has been doing for a while now, and it seems to work there… So why would it be any different on Instagram? They are just going to show you the photos of the pages you interact with more on the top of your timeline. So if you want to keep on seeing your favourite pages make sure to interact with them, and stop the nonsense of switching on notifications, it just does not make any sense!


I think this new feature will actually help me to see more of the accounts I am currently following. With over 500 accounts it’s hard to keep track of all of them – unless I would go into every single account separately to take a look. And that would be a day job… As said, Facebook has been doing it for a while now and for me it has been working. So I think this algorithm will eventually fix this issue and will be able to show me more of the accounts I currently like!

Just stop asking me to put on notifications, this is never ever ever going to happen! That’s something I know for sure 😉

xxx Frei


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