Phuket Picks – Phuket Aquarium

We’ve been exploring the island lately and trying out some different attractions, such as the Phuket Aquarium. The Phuket Aquarium is a government –run attraction in Cape Panwa, South of Phuket. It was opened in 1983 as part of the Phuket Marine Biological Center.


What to expect?

This small aquarium – you can definitely not compare it with the massive aquariums such as Siam World in Bangkok or S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore – is intimate and perfect for a rainy afternoon with your kids, or if you’re just a fish lover. It gives you and your kids a great look into the underwater world.

The aquarium has 200 species of fish on show {such as electric eels, lobsters, groupers, seahorses and many others}, both fresh and salt water, a touch pool, and numerous tanks with different fishes. All of them are accompanied with information both in Thai and in English. Perfect if you want to know a little bit more of what you’re looking at!
In the middle of the aquarium, you’ll find an underwater walkway of a few meters long. This tank with over 100 tons of water has sharks, rays, groupers and plenty of other fish that will surround you in no time. If you really want to see a show be there around the fish’s lunchtime – taking place on the weekend around 11am – to see the fish gulp down their food.

On good weather days, make sure to head out where a nature walkway along the beach is created. The walkway itself is not so impressing, and I was pretty sad to see that there was so much trash around. However, when you keep on walking you will end up at the aquaculture nursery. This is a breeding place for all the aquatic animals that will – once they are big enough – join the other fish in the aquarium.
Continue walking the nature walkway and you’ll pass by a big pier. Here you can visit the patrol ship Chakthong Thongyai. We were a bit confused as we thought we would be able to go on the ship and have a look {as indicated on the map you get when you buy a ticket}, but there wasn’t really someone to show us around or even let us on the ship – so we turned around again back to land.
There was one more point on the map, which I was most interested to see: the turtle pond. They created several ponds for the turtles. One has newborns {they breed turtles here to keep the right amount of turtles around the island} and recovering turtles that have been injured, but getting back on their feet. They are being nurtured to return to their natural life with full health when they are strong enough. I love turtles, so really enjoyed this part!


Upon returning back to the main building, you’ll walk through a small souvenir shop where you can also buy some snacks and drinks, before you’re out of the door.

I have to say – it was a fun and cosy place to visit and would definitely recommend going if you have smaller kids. They will love it!

Opening hours

The aquarium is opened every day from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Entrance Fee

Adult: THB100
Kids: THB50
Kids smaller than 100cm are fee of charge

Thai’s and residents pay half price. As a resident, you officially have to bring along your work pass, but if you bring along your Thai driver’s license or something similar they will give you the discount too.

Location & contact

Address:            Moo 8, Sakdidej Road, Muang, Phuket 83000

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