Lovely Links

Another week, and another couple of links I love to share with you. Hope you like them.

129. LovelyLinks

  1. Elephants who want to be lapdogs:
    Oh my god – this is so cute! Well as long as the elephant is not on your lap as those babies’s can be pretty heavy. But look at those happy trunks squishing the laps they are sitting on!
  1. Senior 100-meter dash at Penn Relays:
    Penn Relays are held every year and feature the world’s best professional, collegiate and high school runners. But they don’t get the biggest cheers. Who does you’re wondering? Well, the participants of the 75 and older 100-meter dash. And for good reason – look at these senior athletes. I wish I will be as fit and eager to train for a 100-meter dash if I am in my 70s, 80s or even 90s!
  1. Surviving the summer Bangkok style…:
    This year’s summer in Bangkok is expected to be the hottest one in years. With temperatures already in the 40s (Celsius), you can see some creative ways Bangkokians are surviving the heat. Well and this is not only happening in Bangkok, you can see it all around Thailand really… 555
  1. Creative Photoshopping:
    Designer James Fridman loves to help people with his awesome Photoshop skills, but I am sure I will never ask him to photoshop my pictures… I mean he takes requests very literally, so it usually doesn’t work in the favour of the person who’s in the photo! Lol

Did you see any fun links this week? Let me know!

xxx Frei

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