Only in Thailand – eating Thai style


Eating in Asia is a little bit different than in Holland, and I’m not just talking about the spiciness level of the food. No, I am talking about the cutlery.

128. Only in Thailand – eating Thai style

Unlike the surrounding countries, Thais don’t eat with chopstick. They do however eat with fork and spoon. For most of the Thai dishes – such as green curry, Pad Thai and the likes – this is not an issue. However when you have a massaman curry with a big piece of chicken inside, it can become a little bit of an issue. Or when you decide to have chicken drumsticks you might want to opt out of cutlery all together, because how can you eat this with a spoon?

I’ve gotten used to not having a knife on the table, however sometimes I just wish it would be placed in front of me. It would make life so much easier…


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