Lovely Links

OMG – this week I saw another couple amazing links I needed to share with you. Just take a look at them!

126. LovelyLinks

  1. Pancakebot
    I’m not kidding you – this thing really exists! A robot arm that makes pancakes in any shape you think imaginable. Seriously – any shape! You just upload the picture through the SD card in the system and there it is made on for your plate! How’s that for a fun Sunday morning pancake? It’s not cheap tho, but at US$299,99 it’s all yours {if you live in the US or Canada, as it doesn’t ship elsewhere… yet!
  2. Teriyaki Chicken Casserole
    Don’t you just love to try out new recipes? Well, I do! Especially ones that are easy to make. I’ll be trying out this recipe sometime this week!
  3. Destinations on Google
    Google already makes my life so easy – finding recipes, movie tips and most importantly asking questions I forgot the answer to {such as ‘When did the Take That split up, and reunite again?!’}. On a different topic – did you know that the most asked question on Google in 2015 was ‘What is 0:0?’….  Uhm for real?!
    Anyways, now Google makes our life even easier by introducing Destinations on Google on your phone. In three easy steps, you can find a destination, learn more about it and even book it directly by planning the trip. Sweet! Looking forward to planning my next holiday already!
  4. The World’s top 25 Tourist Destinations
    CNN compiled a list with the top 25 Tourist Destinations. Thailand has a total of 3 (!) destinations on the list. With my current hometown Phuket coming in on spot 17 – with 8.1 million visitors a year! No wonder it’s always so busy on this little island! There are definitely a couple of places I would still like to visit – will put them on my travel bucket list for now!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s lovely links – let me know if you read anything fun you want to share!

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