Visitors – always a pleasant surprise

The other day I was talking to one of my expat friends. About the fact that if you live in a place for too long, hardly anyone comes to visit anymore. In the beginning, you usually have loads of people flocking your way – not only to see where you live but to experience a new country.

Visitors - my countries

We’ve been lucky so far with loads of people visiting us in Singapore, Vietnam and now also in Thailand. The thing is, if you live somewhere longer than 2 years, most of the people will have visited you in the first two and after that it starts to dry out. Even my dad said he would rather wait to visit us, so he could see a new country… He would rather wait for a year (or whatever time it takes) to go to a new country than to visit his only daughter! {Haha no just kidding dad – I know exactly what you mean. But if you don’t want to visit, just send mom over – I know she’d love the sun, sea and visit her daughter 😉 }

So I was already expecting that we would be without visitors until we would move to a new country. But then a miracle happened. One morning I woke up with over 20 messages on my WhatsApp. I immediately knew something was going on. Someone getting married, a new baby in the mix – I knew it would be something big. Never did I expect that it would be three of my oldest and bestest friends who would give me the amazing news that they would come and visit me for a whole freaking week! How exciting is that? The last time we went on a holiday together was when we were 18 – and we spend it in a small apartment in Blanes, partying and enjoying the beach, and having loads of fun together off course!


I am so looking forward to their trip here. Already started scouting locations to stay, places to visit and off course a road trip {or boat trip…} will be in the mix. And don’t worry – I will share the good, bad and ugly with all of you. I probably won’t share all the ins and outs – but will make sure to let you know how the trips, hotels and tourist attractions will be!

How wrong was my prediction only a couple of days back? Only 6 more weeks to go till they’re here – luckiest girl in the world! Let’s get this girl trip started!

xxx Frei

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