Back to school – kind off…

As most of you know I love making photos and walking around with my camera trying to make some great shots of whatever I see. I loved trying to find out better ways to make a shot and composing a photo, I just noted that I was getting stuck. I wanted to do much more with my photos, but not knowing exactly how to do this made me irritated and it made me make lesser and lesser photos.

In comes one of my friends who like me lives overseas and loves making photos. On her Facebook page I started seeing her amazing snapshots and soon she came with a professional website showing off her amazing photography skills and introducing her business to everyone interested – check out her page here.
Obviously I loved her photos – who wouldn’t? – and so I asked her how she got started. She then introduced me to the photography course she did online, which helped her to get to where she is now.

Immediately I was intrigued – a photography course, online, doing it all in your own time, and the best part it would help me get my photography mojo back and make my photos better! What was not to love?

So last year I signed up with The Photography Institute to follow their Professional Photography Course. Unfortunately live came in between and it stopped me from continuing with the course. But now I am back on track and slowly going through one module at a time.

The course can be hard at times! Not only do I need to get back into a study mode – which I have not done for over 10yrs – by reading and understanding all the material. I also feel so stuck sometimes. I really thought that I was a pretty good {amateur} photographer and knew how to work with my camera, but now I am doing this course I realize I only knew about 10% of it {or maybe even less!}. When going through the modules I feel so overwhelmed, but with the help of Google and YouTube I seem to be able to get through and understand how to finish the questions. And I feel so accomplished after I do. I’m looking forward to see how this course will improve my photography and what will come out of it!

Here is a photo of one of my first assignments – working with depth of field:

123. Back to school

The chance exists that this blog will include more and more photos over time – don’t tell me later that I didn’t warn you 😉

xxx Frei


2 thoughts on “Back to school – kind off…

  1. Go Freddie! Well done! I’m just getting back into my Garden Design course… It’s been in making for years now, not giving up, just slow and too much procrastination..
    Love, Sofia in Sweden

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