Lovely Links

While browsing online this week, I came across a couple of links I wanted to share with you.

121. LovelyLinks

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio waiting to get his Oscar engraved. Finally! Finally Leo won an Oscar. It only took him six nominations to finally hold that golden statue in his hand and call it his own. And then it needs to get engraved to have his name on it, and he makes some funny jokes with the lady engraving it. And in the end, he can finally take it home (and I read somewhere he almost lost it while partying, but who cares, right?!). Just look at this clip – it’s adorable!


  1. Most powerful passport in the world. Everyone knows that it’s a big hassle to purchase a visa in advance or on arrival. You need to wait, pay a lot of money and wait again. Germans have the best passport in the world, with visa-free access to 177 countries! Holland isn’t bad either – on the 4th place with 174 visa-free countries. How does your country rank?
  1. Unicorn chase. A lovely little unicorn {or phoney pony} broke loose and wandered the streets of California. After a 4 hour (!!!) police chase the unicorn finally got captured. This is no joke… Only in America!
  1. Growth – origami post that grow along with your plants. I’ve been trying to get more plants in the house. Just because I like the greenery and it’s so much easier than changing flowers every time. This pot makes live even more easy – it transforms and grows along with the plant. How cool is that?

What did you see online that caught your eye?

xxx Frei

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