Only in Thailand – King’s Royal anthem in Cinema

Over the weekend we headed out to see ‘Dead Pool’ in JungCeylon Cinema. We love going to the cinema here {although Dead Pool was not really my type of movie}, as it’s usually not so crowded and its a fun outing {and I don’t mind the popcorn either!}.

The first time we went for a movie in Thailand, was when we were visiting the country for a short trip. I can still remember being excited to go and see another James Bond movie.

We came in time to see all the previews of the movies that would be coming in theatres soon, and then all of a sudden a musical montage was shown about the Thai King and Royal family. That’s odd I thought to have something like this before an action movie, but I did not really think anything of it. Until all of a sudden all people stood up and the national anthem was being played.

119. Only in Thailand - National Anthem

I was amazed to see everyone paying respect to the King, and I actually quite liked it. Now living here I realise that the national anthem is played several times a day and that disrespecting the King and the royal family is a serious offence.

So make sure when you’re visiting Thailand and to be respectful towards the Royal Family and make sure to stand up in the cinema once the national anthem is being played!

xxx Frei

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