Only in Thailand – party tricks

Thailand is a country that is known for a lot of things, such as its great people, beautiful beaches, stunning temples, and amazing culture. However, it’s also famous for its party islands and full moon parties. A little while back we headed out to Koh Phi Phi to experience this side of Thailand.

During the day, this place is a lovely little island where you can easily walk from one place to the other, no cars and hardly any motorbikes can be found, and its pretty quiet.


This all changes, however, when the sun sets. Loh Dalam Bay changes into a big party beach and all the clubs start opening their doors. Loud music is being played and all of a sudden we see entertainment everywhere. Above the crowd, a rope is strung and we see a guy walking over it while juggling three objects that are on fire. Underneath, seats are prepared for people to sit on… A bit further down the beach, you’ll find tourist joining the activities while (with the help of  a couple of alcoholic beverages) trying to jump ropes. Meanwhile, we’re trying to navigate ourselves through the flamethrowers that are spread out on the beach.
So much is happening in one place { I am amazed that there aren’t more accidents here!} and music is being played loudly.


A fun evening to walk around all this craziness, however, I am happy to be going back on the boat to Phuket the next day!

xxx Frei


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