IKEA is coming to Phuket! Well kind of…

107. IKEA is coming to Phuket

Recently one of my friends enthusiastically let me know that IKEA was coming to the island. We were all so very excited. IKEA is a shop I always like to go to when I am in Bangkok or Singapore. Not necessarily to buy furniture but for the knick-knacks that they sell. And off course for the hotdogs after the check out counter!

I was over the moon! This meant that I would be able to buy loads of Christmas goodies and buy a new dishwashing brush {I told you the knick-knacks are so much fun!}. Then my friend called me back that it wasn’t really a Phuket store, as more a pick up and ordering point. I was a bit disappointed, but then it’s better then nothing!
Owh and hey have Swedish meatballs at check out… so maybe we can get them to offer the hotdogs too! *Wishful thinking*

Here in Phuket a small part of the collection of IKEA can be seen. But the most important part is that you can order items, which will then be shipped, to Phuket from the main store in Bangkok. It doesn’t have to be a big item, it can be anything from the catalogue {or so I have been told}.

Looking forward to visiting the Phuket IKEA some time soon!xxx Frei




PS. The store is located on the Bypass Road – not far from the Premium Outlet Store! 

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