Travel Tuesday; Chiang Mai

Tomorrow we’ll be off to Chiang Mai for a couple of days. To prepare myself I read my blog to see what we can go and do while we’re there. We’ll definitely be visiting the North Gate Jazz Co-opt and we’ll go to the Sunday Market.

Looking forward seeing what has changed over these past two years!

Frei's days

Since we’ve been living outside of Holland, we’ve been traveling a lot. Which is obviously one of the main advantages of living abroad to be seeing more of the world. Whenever we go to a new place, I will see whether we know anyone who lives there, or has recently been there, so that we can get some insight tips of the city. Once returning back home, I always keep a list of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. And I would love to share these experiences with all of you!

In the beginning of this year, I visited Chiang Mai with one of my best friends Bibian. Chiang Mai is located 700km north of Bangkok, among the highest mountains in the country. Chiang Mai means “new city” and was so-named because it was the new capital, founded in 1296, succeeding Chiang Rai.
It has become an increasingly…

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