Postcards are my guilty little pleasure…

Or any kind of cards or airmail (thank you for the lovely care packages I have received over the years – you know who you are!) for that matter. I just love the fact that someone went out and bought a card, wrote a nice note (that’s something I know plenty of youngsters don’t do anymore), went to the postal office to buy a stamp, and then dropped it off at the nearest mailbox. And then a couple of days (or weeks – just how our mailmen is feeling) later I receive this lovely card at home.

102. Cards

It always gives me a great feeling to have a card waiting for me. Whether it’s for a celebration, a pick me up, or just for fun. I just love it!

At first I thought I was the only one that loved this. Ones I started talking about it I knew I was not the only one who thought it was so nice to receive that special little something in the mail. And here my good friend Hayley comes in! I met Hayley in Phuket, where she worked for Phuket Has Been Good To Us – one of my favourite charities on the island. Besides being my Birthday Buddy (both born on the 7th of July) she also loves receiving postcards.

Hayley decided to move to Austria to follow the love of her life. So when she moved, we decided to send each other postcards from each destination we’re at (or just random funny cards or birthday cards, or well a card for any kind of occasion, and I’ve noticed we have plenty of ‘any kind of occasions’…), and it has been so much fun to randomly receive a postcard.

Hayley is such a postcard lover that she actually set up a postcard exchange over on her blog. Go and take a look at it here – and off course sign up if you’d like! I have done so already 🙂

xxx Frei

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