Only in Thailand – 3 year old twins get married

In Thailand they believe that opposite-sex twins were lovers in a past life. However in their past life they were not allowed to be together. So being born as twins means their prayers were delivered by God. For this reason parents must marry their twins for blessings to send a message to God that they are well and in love. If they don’t do this the belief is that the children will die on a very young age. So what else are you to do, then to marry off your 3 year old son to your 3 year old daughter…

This is what happened in Nakhonsawan province, where superstitious parents hosted a big traditional wedding in which their 3-year-old twins got married to fight their bad karma.

101. Twins married off

Aren’t they the cutest couple? They had an engagement shoot, a huge ceremony and everything else that you have for a normal wedding!

The little groom even offered his sister a THB3 million (almost US$85,000!) marriage settlement, as every proper guy should 😉

Only in Thailand…

xxx Frei

5 thoughts on “Only in Thailand – 3 year old twins get married

  1. I saw this in the news! It is strange, but whatever works for them haha. I especially thought that the wedding photos were interesting. I wish they would interview adults who had went through this process when they were young, to get their take on it. 🙂

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