The Dutch vs. the World – how tall are  you? 

When I arrived in Southeast Asia I was over the moon! All of a sudden I felt tall – and compared to the rest of the people I truly was tall. I remember going to a concert in the first month we lived in Singapore. I didn’t feel up to it that much, as we had standing tickets and usually when I have standing tickets I am looking at the backs of people, not being able to see the stage at all as I am surrounded by tall people. But I quickly realised that with my 1.65mtrs in Singapore I was able to see the stage, as the average person there was way smaller! How happy was I! For the first time ever I felt like my tall friends back home!

Every year when we go back home I am being put back in my place – as here I am usually the shortest of the bunch. Where do you notice this best? When you’re standing in a crowded bar trying to talk to people… It’s just not possible to hear a thing when you are looking at somebody’s chest!

The Netherlands, a small country below sea level, with citizens that drink loads of milk {according to the Vietnamese this is the reason we are that tall – which makes total sense as I never really liked milk!} are also amongst the tallest people in the world.

99. The Dutch vs the World

Unfortunately I am not one of the blessed ones. And so when I go back home, I get a stiff neck from looking up at everyone… I will be happy when I am back in Phuket and I have a conversation with people on eye level again! 

xxx Frei

3 thoughts on “The Dutch vs. the World – how tall are  you? 

  1. I am 178 cm and am pretty tall for American standards (females at least). I love being tall, but hate that it is so hard to find clothing that fits. My dresses always look like mini-skirts here and I am pretty sure everyone has accidentally seen my undergarments when I have to bend down. hahah. I try hard not to, but it happens sometimes. Oh well…

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