Travel Tuesday – what I wear on an airplane

The other day I read an article on Condé Nast Traveler on ‘Airplane outfits for every type of trip‘. In it they break down relaxed-chic options for five types of travel, from business trips to a long holiday.

That made me think – what is my go to airplane outfit? I have friends that bring a whole new wardrobe on the plane when they have long-haul flights – they change in the toilets into a comfy outfit and change back just before landing. And I have even seen people wearing complete pyama sets {an Asian couple was wearing a matching set – I should’ve taken a photo, but was too scared… Better luck next time ;)}

This is all way too much work for me, and I would rather keep my hand luggage light. So what is my go to outfit for the plane?

95. Travel Tuesday – what to wear on an airplane_Outfit

Sneakers: My all time favourite Nikes will be on my feet most of the time, or anything else that is easy on my feet. On airports you always need to walk great distance, and I hate having foot pain before my flight even starts. And on the airplane they can be easily kicked off, as I am always wearing some comfy socks so I don’t have to touch the floor… So sneakers it is!

Comfy jeans: I usually find a pair of jeans I live in, and wear it till it falls apart. They fit perfectly, are not too tight, and I never ever wanna throw them out {until I have too…}. These jeans are my go to wear on a long-haul flight. For shorter flights, it depends on my mood, but I always wear long pants. Why? Because I rather be too warm, than too cold. I don’t understand how people can get on a plane with shorts – I always freeze my butt off!

Layers: And then I go for layers. Depending on where we’re going to I’ll decide the layers, but it will usually be a super comfy, colourful shirt (long or short sleeved) topped with a vest in a neutral colour so that I can combine it with loads of clothes while I am holiday…

Scarf: Last but definitely not least – a colourful scarf. I will always bring my scarf with me. I can use it when it gets cold on the airplane, as a pillow, cover my nose when something is smelly {it’s not the first time I sit next to someone on the plane who has a whole bag of dried fish in their hand luggage!} or to cover my eyes when I want to sleep.

So how do you like to travel?

xxx Frei

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