Only in Asia – whitening in all your beauty products

While we’re about to fly back home to spend some time with our family and friends, I am creating a list of products I want to bring back. They are mostly silly things of items that I would probably only use occasionally in Holland, but because it’s so mixed in with what I love about this country, it’s something I need to bring back home to Phuket, to just hold on a little bit longer to the happy holiday time we spend back home. On my list are things like stroopwafels (a waffle filled with molasses), pindakaas (dutch peanut butter, which is more savoury then the American version), and much much more.

94. Only in Asia - whitening

Beside food, I also always bring a couple of bottles of deodorant and sunscreen. Why would you ask? A country like Thailand should have these kind of things. And you’re absolutely right, there are plenty of different brands that I can buy here. But all of them have a whitening component in it. I saw this in Singapore, Vietnam and now in Thailand too. Why anyone would like to have white armpits, I have no clue… But I just don’t feel the need to buy it…

So that’s what you’ll find upon my return to Phuket – a bag filled with food and deodorant!

xxx Frei

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