Lovely links

A couple of links I loved this week which I wanted to share with you! 90. Links I Love

1. A Beautiful Mess | Fruit Pizza How beautiful does this fruit pizza look like? I wish we had an oven at home, as I would love to make this cool pizza for myself!

2. | Ko Phi Phi beach getaways One of my friends just visited me in Phuket, before she headed out to Phi Phi. I warned her for the busy beaches with many youngsters drinking their life away. And then I found this gem – a post about some of the best beaches in Phi Phi. Something to consider for our next trip out there 😉

3. The Perfect Palette | Edible glitter Ice Cubes Because who doesn’t love to have some glitter in their life once in a while!

4. Tarshish | Collection Persuacion 2015 Yismery – my good friend and founder / designer of Tarshish – created my wedding dress for our civil wedding a few years back. She still designs the most beautiful clothes for women, and has a new collection with a simple design, marked with influence of Latin glamour and sensuality. What else can you expect from a Venezuelan designer?

So did you see anything which you loved online? Let me know 🙂

xxx Frei

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