What made me laugh this week?

Have you already heard of “Asshole Parents” on Instagram? This is a hilarious account of parents showing how hilariously stubborn their kids can be – and it made me laugh out loud! The account @assholeparents shows all sorts of pictured of crying and angry kids. These photos are often accompanied by a funny description of why their parents are #assholeparents. Some of my favorite picks: 89. WhatMadeMeLaugh_01

Because after 25 minutes of washing his hands I turned the tap off.

89. WhatMadeMeLaugh_02

Because I wanted to go in the water and my mom took me in…

89. WhatMadeMeLaugh_03

I told her she looked pretty.

89. WhatMadeMeLaugh_04

I turned his sucker around so he wouldn’t choke.

89. WhatMadeMeLaugh_05

The ultimate #assholeparent moment: when your parents take you to meet the president. #thanksobama

You want to have a great laugh too? Go and follow @assholeparents on Instagram now! 89. WhatMadeMeLaugh_00   xxx Frei

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