Waters of Phuket

A little while ago I wrote that Phuket is a Paradise – and it truly is! We have lovely beaches, fresh air, loads of greenery {especially with the rainy season upon us} and much, much more. However there is one big thing we need to be careful about. I have written about this before, but last weekend another accident occurred at Patong beach, so I knew I had to highlight this again.

Where high season brings us an easy going, flat, blue ocean, low season brings rip tights, high waves and a dangerous sea. Even though the lifeguards put up red flags, there are still loads of people going in the water.

Image: Phuket Gazette

Image: Phuket Gazette

I know that the warm water and the cool waves may call for you, but please be smart and do not go in the water. The sea is super strong and will drag you in and under. Every year many people drown in Phuket, usually due to rip currents and high waves.

Please be safe and if you really want to jump into the water, try a pool!

xxx Frei

3 thoughts on “Waters of Phuket

  1. I am slightly scared of high waves so even in high season if the waves are too high, I am beach bound. Sometimes my husband makes fun of me for it, but I think it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. 🙂 I think writing this post was such a good idea! I am going to share it on my Facebook page! Thanks Frei!

    • I’m the same! Better safe then sorry for sure!
      When I was young I was in the sea always. But a couple of years ago I went swimming with my dad and cousin in the Caribbean – he couldn’t get back to the shore and got super tired. We screamed for help, but our family on the beach thaught we were just waving at them… Luckily we were saved by some surfers who brought us back to safety. Ever since I am totally freaked out about the sea, and don’t understand why people not take note of red flags… Water can be so dangerous!
      Thanks for sharing it on your facebook page 🙂

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