Phuket is a Paradise…

Funny, after writing down these words I frown my face immediately. Is it true? Is Phuket a paradise? Once you live in one place long enough you start taking things for granted…Even this stunning view:

85. PhuketIsAParadise

I still remember the day I first went to Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower – I did my internship in Disneyland Paris and tried to go into town once every week on my days off. One of the first visits I went to the Eiffel Tower {as you can’t live close to Paris and not go there, right?!}. Standing under this incredible structure I was in complete awe {even though I had seen it a couple of times before!}. At the same time, I saw plenty of Parisians passing by this impressive structure and did not even look up. I couldn’t understand it…

Same is happening to me here in Phuket. Once I say we’re living in Phuket, everyone is super jealous. Asking whether we go to the beach all the time, and asking why I don’t have a real tan yet {people, my tan is red and you don’t want to get red, so for me it’s ‘sunbathing’ in the shade with SPF 50 on my skin, which comes down to no real tan!}.

Usually, I reply by saying that once you live on an island it all quickly gets the same and that I would rather live in a city, where there is loads more to do. However, comparing my time here with Ho Chi Minh City, I have to say that there are plenty of advantages of living here. There is the fresh air {major plus!}, great beaches, new sports to discover {my new sports love is Stand Up Paddle-boarding}, and obviously the beautiful blue sea {even though I still rather swim in a pool} and it’s beautiful sunsets.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the beautiful place we live in. And I have to say that this Vimeo clip by Aron Hansson truly hit the spot:

In this movie, you don’t only see beaches and the beautiful blue Andaman Sea. No, Aaron also flies his drone into town, soaring by the Big Buddha, and above the Thao Sri Suntan Heroines monument. At the same time, he shows you the beaches from all over the island, with amongst others Rawai, Naiharn, Mai Khoa and Karon Bach.

So yes, I am reminded again that I definitely live in Paradise!

xxx Frei

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