Mindful computing…

Or using my telephone for that matter. I am so bad at it, and I am very sure that I am {like plenty other people I know} totally addicted to the internet.

84. MindfulComputing_02

I have to say it’s horrible, and most of the time it doesn’t even make me happier. I go online and check and check and check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other famous social network platforms, owh and news websites, until I end up with the message that I have already read earlier that day. This makes me even more stressed and annoyed, as there is nothing new I can discover online. Issn’t that sad? Well, I do think so…So to get me to use my time more wisely, do some more work and spend time doing things I like, rather than stressing out, I have been trying to use internet more mindful. How I do it? Well I set some goals for myself to follow, and most of the time it works, but plenty of times I notice me sitting behind my computer, iPhone or iPad and thinking “What the hell am I doing online?!”.

So a couple of things I started doing lately, that really helped me out to be less online and more in the present:

1.) Switching off my alerts:

84. MindfulComputing_04Whether I am on my computer or have my phone in sight, I always get attracted by all the alerts. It being a new email or a new notification on Facebook – I hate having the red alert on the top of an icon, indicating that something in my online life has happened. So what is the solution? Switching off the alerts, and switching off my email when I am working. In this way, I won’t be pulled to open the alert and take a look. Because if you’re a little like me, you think you’ll just have a quick look and 2hrs later with 5 new Pinterest boards…

2.) No Phone time:

This is the hardest of all things for me. My phone is always within reach, so it’s very tempting to pick it up and go online. But not using my phone really does de-stress me. Just sitting on the couch drawing, having a drink with a friend or just hanging on the couch watching a movie, is so much more relaxing and nice without the interruption of my phone.

As I knew this is very difficult for me, I bought an app to help me out {yes, it had to come to this}. This app is called Forest and you can get for your iOS, Android and Windows operated phone at $0.99.

84. MindfulComputing_03

What does this app do? Well, you set the app for the amount of time you would like to be offline; let’s say 30 minutes. In that time, a seed will be planted and it will gradually grow into a tree. If in the meantime you really {REALLY} need to use your phone, you can just switch off the app, however, the tree that is growing will wither away and die. And we don’t want to kill a tree now, do we?! At least I don’t, even if it’s a virtual one.

It sounds really easy to just switch off the app and go and use your phone, but every time I see the tree growing I don’t want to mess it up and put away my phone again. I guess that means it’s working, right?

3.) Out of sight out of mind:

On plenty of sites it is advised that you should have some downtime from your blue screens if you want to have a good night sleep. I already have difficulties sleeping {anyone else awake long nights when there is a full moon?!}, so not looking at bright blue screens is one step in the direction of a better night sleep.

If I keep my telephone close it won’t happen, so usually when we’re watching TV in the evening I will put my phone in the bedroom to charge, so I won’t be able to see and use it. At the same time, I make sure that my computer is switched off because I am way too lazy to switch on my computer to look at something. The only thing I still do is read a book on my iPad, but I make sure that the settings are changed to night reading {the letters are white and the screen is black} which makes me think it’s less bad for me…

Any other tips and tricks you guys have to use the internet more mindful?

xxx Frei

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