My newest hobby…

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Here in Phuket rainy season is upon us, which means plenty of days that I am unable to leave the house as there is just no way I will be able to get somewhere without being soaking wet. While this is not the worst thing that can happen {it means that I will be able to spend some more time on my projects and my blog}, it does mean I need to have some entertainment around the house before I turn crazy. I know that it’s not good for me to keep on going online to entertain myself, it makes me anxious and irritated as I am online so much that there is no more news by the time I check it for the 100th time in the day {and that will mostly be around noon… horrible, I know…}.

So I have been trying to find things to do while being offline. First thing I do is switching off my phone and sit far away from my computer {preferably somewhere where I can’t see it, as it has this immense power to lure me in, and there we are 2 hours later and still looking at someones Facebook page, or Pinterest board…}. I started reading books, which is a great way to de-stress. The big problem is that, as I want to read Dutch books I download books on my iPad. And guess what, I can easily switch my internet on and I will, if I think the book is a little slow. As you can imagine, this was not really working…

I started going online {yes again online, but this time with a good reason I promise} to try and find things to do, without using the internet. I have a whole cupboard full with washi tapes and the likes, but to be very honest I’m not very creative. I’m that creative person that needs to have a sample online, and then can copy it. But it never comes out of my own inspiration that I create something fun. While this is nice, I would still need to have the internet while doing something.

And then I found it… Colouring books for adults. It’s something I would be able to be creative while not needing to create something myself. It would take my mind off of things and destress from a day of work. I got super excited and already saw myself sitting behind my desk colouring in master piece after masterpiece.

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And so one day I headed out to Central, a big shopping mall here in Phuket with a huge bookstore. I walked in all excited and asked whether they had colouring books for adults. I have never seen a person look at me with such a confused face {did this weird lady just asked for colouring books for adults?! Isn’t that something kids do!?}. So after going through the entire kids collection of colouring books, I was on my way home without a colouring book in my bag. I have to say, I almost bought myself a colouring book with ‘Dora the Explorer’ but opted out as this was just a little bit too weird, even for me 😉

Online I explored so many different colouring books that were being sold in Europe and the US but, unfortunately, was unable to find any store that sold them in Thailand. Luckily my mom would come and visit, and so I asked her to bring me a book {or two!}. She did, and I was not disappointed. I have been colouring in ever since she gave me the book and it is amazing. I feel so relaxed when I am colouring. I love doing it before going to bed, it clears my mind and makes me fall asleep much faster. And it gives me a great feeling to finish a drawing and look at it to see what it turned out to be.

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How about you? Have you started colouring already?

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