Back to blogging – after a long break…

82. Back to blogging

Time flies by when you’re having fun – so I guess I must have been having a lot of fun lately? Or maybe I was just a bit pre-occupied with other projects which sucked the energy and words out of my head to start posting some interesting and fun blog posts again. I think it’s the last one…

I haven’t been able to jot down anything for the past months. First it was the projects that I was working on with strict deadlines that made me too occupied to sit down and think of a nice new topic. Then it was my mom visiting, which was totally awesome but made me not want to sit behind my computer and write something while she was here. After that, a whole bunch of reasons came up {some of them will probably be interesting blog posts for a later moment} which all gave me an excuse to not sit down and write on my blog. I told myself I did not have time, but in the meantime I procrastinated by looking on all my Facebook, Pinterest and I don’t know what pages. And, all in all, this did not make me any happier. What I did know what would make me happier would be to start off with my blog again, but then I just could not come up with any topics or ideas.

So today {after I spoke to myself in a fierce manner} I sat myself down, made a new calendar on my computer for the blog and all of a sudden words start to come out of my fingers and onto my screen. I could still do it, and it felt great! I love my blog, I love talking about what I am up to on this side of the world and I love sharing tips about travelling, cultural differences and what else happens while living abroad.

I am sorry I left you guys hanging, but hey, the most important thing is that I am back and full of energy to start writing about my everyday life here in Phuket, Thailand, again. Hope you’re all as excited about this as I am 🙂

xxx Frei

2 thoughts on “Back to blogging – after a long break…

  1. Welcome back! It’s easy to get sidetracked here in Phuket. 🙂 every week I have to make a real effort to write my posts. 🙂 my mom is coming to visit in a couple of weeks. So my posts may drop off for a bit as well. 🙂

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