Wedding Wednesday; Finding your wedding day suppliers 


Suppliers can make or break your big day. I mean they are the ones doing all the work, and hopefully they understand what you want and work it out in the way you had envisioned it to be. For this reason – as they need to be able to look into your head – it’s super important to find your wedding suppliers in time and work with them to make sure they can deliver the way you want them to.

In any normal wedding situation, I think people will begin with asking friends and family for recommendations. If you’re like me, you often see requests for tips on Facebook passing by – for a band, photographer or anything wedding related. However, as we were having a destination wedding and non of our friends ever had a wedding in this area, we really couldn’t ask them for any help. So who to turn to? As you could have read in my previous post about finding a wedding planner {you can find it here}, we found a great wedding planner – Marcella from Your Dream Wedding in Spain. She had a whole list of suppliers, from fancy cars to drive us to the location to the photographer, mariachi singers and DJ.

Besides that, Wedding Blogs and Facebook pages are great too. Company’s in the wedding industry have a great presence on Facebook – on which you can usually find their website too. It’s a great place to see photos and clients feedback in one place.


Another place to get to know a supplier is by visiting their website and reading their “About Us” page. Just like any website, it shows the personality of the company, and you can often see whether their style fits your needs. It’s very important to find a person that blends in well with your personality, so don’t forget to check out this page when you are looking at their work.

Marcella was fabulous when it came down to the supplier list. For every item she had suppliers, and the items that were missing on the page suppliers were found. Marcella got us in contact with the supplier and let us work with them from that point onwards. Which I thought was great – she gave us the feeling that we could choose whoever we wanted to, but highlighted that she knew the work of these people, so that she could really recommend them.

Once we received her list of suppliers, we prioritised which items we thought we really needed and gave each item a clear budget, so this was clear before contacting the suppliers.

The suppliers that would be doing the work before the event {such as the flower and cake supplier} were easy to choose. You only really have to take a look at their work to see whether it’s to your liking. So these were the first suppliers we worked with. E-mail conversation would be enough to determine whether we would like to work with them. As we had a clear budget and vision in mind these conversations went pretty easy.

Next up where the people we would be working with on the day itself {such as the photographer, band and caterer}, and this would be a bit more time consuming. These people would be around us for the entire day, and we had to make sure it would be a good fit. Besides the budgetary requirements, we also asked ourselves whether we would feel comfortable spending a lot of time with them, and making sure personalities didn’t clash. Don’t forget you’re going to be under a lot of stress during the day, so you might be a little bit more irritable then usual. So in some of the cases we had a phone call with the supplier. And for the band for instance we had asked for some clips of previous weddings, so we could see how they interacted with the crowd.

Once the suppliers were chosen and locked in for your day, it was contract time. For this part, make sure to check the small print. If a quote sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When going into the contracting, take a look at:

  • Payments – make sure you know when you have to pay a downpayment, and when the final payment is expected to be done. Nothing is more annoying for a supplier {and for yourself}, to chase for money.
  • Contingency plan – what happens should anything come up with the supplier. Will they arrange for a replacement? Or will you have to? You don’t want to be bothered with this stress a day before the wedding…
  • Insurance – is this covered and included in the contract?
  • What’s included? – by knowing exactly what is included in the contract, you know in advance whether you are not missing out or making double bookings. For instance a photographer package might include videography, in this case you don’t need to hire an additional videographer. Or if you have a specific videographer for the job, you can re-negotiate the price with your photographer…

The most important in this situation is that the entire contract is clear. If something is unclear or you’re not agreeing with the supplier, bring it up immediately so that you can discuss it and come to an agreement on that specific topic.

And last but not least, trust your instinct. As said in the beginning of this blog you need to be able to trust the people you’re working with on your big day, without stressing out. So make sure you feel comfortable around them. Don’t only choose the person based on their work, but also on whether it clicks. He can be the best photographer in the world, but if he works on your nerves you will see it in the photos!


Would you have anything to add to this list? xxx Frei 

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