Phuket Picks – The Good Shepherd Phuket

01_TheGoodShepherd_LogoThe Congregation of the Good Shepherd sisters, and their lay partners, was founded in France in the mid 1800’s. Their work has traditionally been done in the least glamorous surroundings where the socially deprived exist in slums and families have personal, social and psychological difficulties. The Sisters came to Thailand in t1965 and established their 1st center in Bangkok. At this moment they have over 7 centers around Thailand, of which one on Phuket.

The center in Phuket was set up after the 2004 Asian Tsunami, starting with the Vocational Center in Patong and slowly expanding to more projects around the island.

The mission of The Good Shepherd Sisters and their Lay-Partners is to work in direct service with women, children, families and victims of human trafficking to improve dignity, support self-sufficiency and enhance the quality of life to those who have been excluded from the benefits of society.

So what does The Good Shepherd do?

As said there are several locations around Thailand where the Sisters of Good Shepherd do great work, such as Nongkai, Chiang Rai and Phuket. The Foundation has set up several projects in Phuket, such as:

  • The Home of Hope: Program for mother and babies – providing safe, clean accommodation and medical assistance and pre and postnatal care for Thai and migrant women and girls living in the local camps. Otherwise, many of these women might not be able to pay for a Caesarean (should this be necessary) or even a normal delivery at a local hospital. Periodically, up to 15 girls stay here at one time. Take a look at the project here.
  • Migrant Worker Outreach – many migrants, traveling to Phuket, fall victim to human trafficking. They have suffered extreme traumas. Here they are given care, support, counseling and eventually an education. Outreach medical and social services are provided to those suffering in the local maps around the outskirts of Phuket. Read more about this project here.
  • BanYa Learning Center – As per the request of parents living in the construction worker camps in Bang Jo, The Good Shepherd provided a Learning Center to teach tBurmese children an education complimentary of which they would receive in Myanmar and to empower them to return to their home country to be a productive member of society. Take a look here for more info on this project.
  • The Good Shepherd’s Craft and Second Hand Shop – located at Plaza del Mar {behind Bake in Cherngtalay} you will find the shop of The Good Shepherds Phuket. On the first floor the store sells educational toys, dolls, puppets, paper art and greeting cards all made by self-help groups in Thailand who are supported by The Good Shepherd. There is a great collection of second hand books here as well. On the second floor you’ll find second-hand clothing. Most of the items are not more than THB100 and are popular with the local community and the Burmese workers who pop by the shop to find themselves a good bargain. You can bring all your second hand clothing to the shop  – proceeds go directly to the foundation’s charity projects.


Besides these great projects, the Sisters have set up other amazing projects as well, do take a look at them on their website as well:

So what can you do to help out?

If you want to make a difference for this foundation, there are many ways you can help them. For instance:

  1. Make a cash donation and specify a project to assist [];
  2. Donate items in kind from their wish-list [];
  3. Support their fundraising events, take a look here for their calendar [];
  4. Purchase items from the Good Shepherd shop, or donate items for their second-hand store [];
  5. Become a volunteer [];
  6. Become a sponsor []

Contact Details:

The Good Shepherd Phuket
Plaza Del Mar, Pasak-Koktanod Road, Cherngtalay, Talang, Phuket 83110 Thailand

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