Merry Merry…


What a year we’ve had! Last year at this time I was holding my one day old niece Bo in my hands, just before I would fly back to Phuket with Bibian. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Anke and Laurent in Phuket, while Ruben was working his ass. It was an amazing end and start of the year – one I will not forget in a long time.

In the last year a lot has happened. Many weddings, of which one was our very own special day in Spain {I still think of that wonderful weekend every single day!}, many baby announcements {before you start asking – no it’s not us}, and many happy visits from friends and family to Phuket.

This year’s end is a bit different, no friends or family to visit from far. But new friends to celebrate Christmas with – ringing in Christmas eve last night was a blast with a real Christmas roast and friends under a {as I called it epileptic} Christmas tree. It was good fun! Now I am off to another Christmas celebration soon, while Ruben is yet again working hard…

I hope everyone has started off their Christmas in a good and fun way with family and friends to celebrate. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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