Getting in the Holiday Season Mood

I know I know, it’s not December yet and everywhere you go and look it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. Slowly everything is changing in green, red and gold colours. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and Christmas songs start to be played on the radio {the funny thing is that in the middle of summer we usually hear some Christmas songs passing by as well, but I guess they just forget to change their playlist…}. 

When I lived in Holland I always got pretty easily in the Christmas spirit. We would wait till after 5th of December to start decorating our house, as we’re celebrating Sinterklaas on that day – which is a big festivity back home, and actually the Saint on which Santa Claus is based… It would start to get colder and colder, the sun would set early, and by the time you drove home from work on your bicycle you would see the Christmas trees {mind you, very real trees that smell lovely} being lit up in the houses and in gardens. We would make plans where to go for Christmas and see what my mom would prepare for dinner. And off course there would be some Christmas shopping, and finding a festive outfit to celebrate this wonderful holiday with family and friends.


Here in the tropics its all a little different. Trees are fake, so no nice smell is coming from them {which always put me in the Christmas spirit back home}, it’s hot, and the decoration here in Asia is just… different. So many lights are being switched on the streets that you can’t see the difference between night and day anymore. {If we want to reduce global warming, maybe we should start here, as I am sure that these lights warm up the world by some degrees!}. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven though we don’t have family here, we have always celebrated it in true Christmas style. Some years we would have family and friends visiting, but most of the years we would get together with friends. We would make {or order} a delicious Christmas dinner {one year Kirsten and I even made glühwein to get us in the Christmas spirit} and we would have gifts for each other. 


This year I wanted to get in the Christmas spirit early – I mean I love this holiday, and the longer you can enjoy it the better. So that’s why I joined the Fat Mum Slim Gift Exchange. You all probably know about Secret Santa – you throw names together from family and friends, pick one name and buy a gift for that person, and he or she should not know you bought it for them. The Fat Mum Slim Gift Exchange is very similer, only thing is that the names that are thrown together come from all over the world and you have no idea who the person is you have to buy a gift for. Once you have a name, you will be able to start ‘stalking’ your giftee. This is done on a Facebook Page on which you can ask each other questions, in the hope that your giftee will be answering it too. 

It has been so much fun, I have been going around town buying gifts for a person I don’t know. It’s a lot of fun doing this for someone, even if you have never met each other in person. I just wrapped up all my gifts and will pop over to the postal office later. Hopefully she will like my gifts 🙂


How about you? Do you like Secret Santa? And how do you get in the Holiday Spirit?

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